Demet Ozdemir returns to Italy after her divorce: Gossip about Can Yaman reignites

Demet Ozdemir returns to Italy after her divorce: Gossip about Can Yaman reignites

When the Turkish soap opera "Day Dreamer - Le ali del sogno" became beloved by audiences worldwide, many wondered if the special chemistry between the two leads, Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir, could evolve into a real-life relationship beyond the set. The two stars always avoided labeling their relationship, although at the time, Turkish media caught them in ambiguous situations on more than one occasion.

The success of "Day Dreamer - Le ali del sogno"

Demet Ozdemir is one of the most beloved Turkish actresses in the world. Her rise to fame began with "Erkenci Kus" (Day Dreamer - Le ali del sogno), where she portrayed Sanem Aydin. While Demet played a romantic and dreamy young woman, Can embodied the dark and gruff Can Divit, the head of an advertising agency, whose life is turned upside down for the love of Sanem.

The alleged flirtation between Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir

The soap opera garnered immense success both in Turkey and throughout Europe. But in Italy, where it was broadcast on Canale 5, it achieved a significant boom in popularity. The two leads found themselves having to explain the nature of their chemistry, and everyone is convinced that a deeper feeling exists between them that goes beyond friendship. On multiple occasions, Can made it clear that he holds great affection and esteem for his colleague, but the media (as well as millions of fans worldwide) have never truly abandoned the idea that there was much more between them. Although it seems highly unlikely, according to insiders, that there was not even a small flirtation outside the set, at present it is impossible to attribute a relationship to Yaman and Ozdemir, as both have always denied it.

Demet Ozdemir lands on Canale 5 with the new series "My Home My Destiny"

In the meantime, after a long absence, the Turkish diva has returned to Italy with the TV series "My Home My Destiny," airing from Monday to Friday at 15:45 on Canale 5. Based on a true story, the new drama centers around Zeynep (played by Demet herself), a girl from humble origins who was adopted by a wealthy family and discovers the truth about her childhood just as she is about to enter into an arranged marriage.

The possible encounter between Can and Demet

The airing of the series may also lead to the actress's return to Italy, possibly as a guest on Silvia Toffanin's elegant talk show "Verissimo" (where she had already appeared during the time of "Day Dreamer"). Can Yaman is also in Italy, busy with his charity tour and working on the set of the second season of "Viola come il mare." Whether there is a relationship or not, fans hope that there can finally be a meeting between the two, especially considering that Demet Ozdemir and Oguzhan Koc (the latter being extremely jealous of Can) have divorced.

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