Diletta Leotta, the unexpected jab at Can Yaman: It wasn't up to me...

Diletta Leotta, the unexpected jab at Can Yaman: It wasn't up to me...

Diletta Leotta, who will soon become a mother for the first time, spoke to Grazia. The Dazn presenter covered various topics during the interview: from the hatred of other women towards her, to the first meeting with her partner Loris Karius and the imminent motherhood. There was also a jab at her ex, the Turkish star Can Yaman.

Female hatred

"How do I explain female hatred? I really don't know, I would like to ask them, and indeed, help me understand it. Perhaps, in the case of journalist Paola Ferrari who has attacked me several times, it is due to the fact that we have never met. Maybe, if she knew me, she would say: 'Sorry, I was wrong'. For this podcast (Mamma Dilettante, ed), instead, I had the support of generous, intelligent, and nice friends, who maybe do the same job as me and who have even been maternal with me. I thought that we focus on the noise of the voices that hurt us, but then, beyond those, things are completely different. After all, in these years I have worked mainly in the world of football, with almost exclusively male communication channels. I have met very few women."

Future motherhood and the first meeting with Loris Karius

"When I got pregnant, the first thing I said was: 'Oh my God, what do I do now...'. Then, however, I asked myself what is the right time to have a child. I told myself that if it happened, if we were both happy to have a child, it means that it is right. Have I already chosen the name of the daughter? Not yet... There is a discussion underway. 

At the moment I am leaning towards Ophelia, Rose and Bella, but I think I will choose at the last minute, when I look into her eyes for the first time. Karius plays in Newcastle and will be far away? When I told him this, he replied: "But you know love, we have all our lives to be together. How did I meet Loris? I was at the Paris fashion shows with some friends. We went to dinner at the Hotel Costes. Around only beautiful women. Even the waitresses looked like models. The men present were not up to that female beauty, and at our table of women, we commented that the situation was terribly disproportionate. Then, when he, Loris, entered, he lit up the room, as if the sun had come in. 

I told the girls: 'Look, the man of my life has come in'. Loris went to sit with some friends and obviously noticed that we were watching him. We, meanwhile, were playing to ask who he was: an American, a model, a football player. In the end he got up and was leaving and I: "No, girls, he's gone, what a pity". As he was leaving he looked out and looked at me. And I: 'Oh my God girls he chose me'. With us was Barbara Berlusconi, who speaks English very well and said: 'Come on, let's go meet him'. I didn't speak English, I was embarrassed, but she made him sit with us and from that moment we never left each other."

The jab at Can Yaman

Then, Diletta Leotta threw a jab at Can Yaman, with whom she had a whirlwind liaison in the summer of 2021: "I didn't stay on good terms with him. But it wasn't up to me".

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