Jennie of BLACKPINK Sparks Dating Rumors with V of BTS

Jennie of BLACKPINK Sparks Dating Rumors with V of BTS

BLACKPINK's Jennie has been under fire for suggesting on multiple occasions that she may be in a relationship with V from BTS. Fans have been closely monitoring the two idols and have found new evidence suggesting a romantic connection between the two.

Instagram Post Sparks Controversy

On July 12th, Jennie posted new photos on her Instagram account with the caption "a few weeks ago." One of the pictures featured a table with a dish of caviar and a plate of pancakes. Fans quickly noticed that the table looked exactly like the one in a previous Instagram story posted by V.

The fans pointed out that the food was arranged in the same way, and they speculated that Jennie and V were together with friends and colleagues during this dinner. In the same post, Jennie shared pictures of herself wearing the same outfit as the one she wore during her supposed outing with V in Paris in May.

Outfit Matching in Paris and Instagram Post

Jennie's white top, bucket hat, scarf, and handbag all matched the outfit she wore during her Paris outing with V. Fans found it hard to believe that this was just a coincidence. The two idols were spotted walking hand in hand in the streets of Paris, further fueling rumors of their relationship.

However, some fans criticized Jennie for "making it obvious" that she is dating V. They left malicious comments and emojis on her Instagram account, but other fans came to her defense. They reminded the haters that idols have different lives from theirs and that they should be happy for Jennie if she is indeed in a relationship.

Agencies Refuse to Confirm Rumors

The agencies of V and Jennie, Big Hit Music and YG Entertainment, have not confirmed or denied the rumors of their idols' relationship. Fans continue to speculate and search for evidence of the alleged couple.

Jennie and V are both popular idols in K-pop, and their respective groups, BLACKPINK and BTS, have a massive following worldwide. Fans have been shipping them for a while now, and they hope that their idols will confirm their relationship soon.

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