Viola come il mare 2, Francesca Chillemi: There will be some changes

Viola come il mare 2, Francesca Chillemi: There will be some changes

Among the most beloved TV series of the just-concluded season, there is undoubtedly "Viola come il mare," aired on Canale 5, starring Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman. The filming for the second season has just begun, and in this regard, the former Miss Italy has revealed some details about her character.

The first take of "Viola come il mare 2" arrives in the midst of this scorching summer, and Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman are ready to don the roles of Viola Vitale and Francesco Demir once again. The Sicilian actress plays a journalist with synesthesia who works for the online newspaper "SiciliaWebNews," while the Turkish heartthrob portrays a chief police inspector.

Francesca Chillemi on the success of "Viola come il mare"

In an interview with Ansa, Chillemi provided some previews: "I have read the first episode, and I still have to understand how the characters will develop. They only told me that there will be changes, and my character will face life differently." When asked about the positive response from the audience, she explains what, in her opinion, is the secret to this success: "Honestly, I don't know. I really like my character and the message it conveys. And then there's her health problem, a neuro vegetative disease, which gives her the ability to read people as if she had a superpower. In short, she's a woman who doesn't know how her life will unfold but faces something so drastic with such optimism. I think this is a beautiful message for those who face everyday life with serious problems. My Viola never loses heart."

The actors have returned to the set just a few days ago, so the new episodes of the Canale 5 series will not air in prime time until 2024 when post-production work will also be completed.

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