BTS's V talks about his music and solo activities!

BTS's V talks about his music and solo activities!

On the 24th, an interview with V from BTS was released on the "W KOREA" YouTube channel. On that day, V talked about his upcoming solo album, stating: "Choosing a jazz standard was difficult, so I put in a lot of effort to make the songs more popular and accessible. Good music to listen to at sunset or during commutes."

BTS's V Talks About His Music and Solo Activities  V from BTS Discusses His Solo Ventures!

He continued by expressing his plans to actively engage with fans: "There are many contents that A.R.M.Ys (fandom name) will find enjoyable when they're bored. I frequently film various contents to establish a communication channel with A.R.M.Ys," which piqued the fans' interest.

Furthermore, V mentioned, "I don't want to take away the V color from BTS. It's because I consider it something special to me. I know that 'V' truly shines when I'm part of the BTS group, but when I'm on my own, I want to show a different side of V, so I've prepared several things."

Lastly, V addressed the members, saying: "While preparing my solo album, I realized that the members had worked very hard. It wasn't easy. However, the challenge made the preparation for the solo album enjoyable."

"It's refreshing, and I feel like I can approach it in a new way. If you support me, I believe I can succeed by stepping forward with both feet."

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