Can Yaman, back together with Demet Ozdemir? She wants to move to Italy for...

Can Yaman, back together with Demet Ozdemir? She wants to move to Italy for...

According to some rumors, Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir could soon return to TV together for a new project.

Can Yaman, back together with Demet Ozdemir? "She wants to move to Italy for..."  According to some rumors, Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir could soon return to TV together for a new project.

Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir are one of the most beloved and followed couples by the Italian audience. Since the days of the soap opera "DayDreamer" viewers from home have become more and more passionate about the two actors, following them day by day both in their work and private lives. In fact, as we know, Can and Demet were a couple for a long time. They were even about to get married, but due to his betrayal, everything collapsed in a matter of seconds.

After some time apart, following Can's relationship with Diletta Leotta and Demet's marriage to singer Oguzhan Koc, the two were recently spotted together again. It seems that the actress from "My Home My Destiny" - a soap opera currently airing on Canale Cinque - arrived in Rome where she met her former flame.

Can Yaman, spotted with Demet: a rekindled flame?

But that's not all. According to some rumors, their meeting was not of a purely private nature. Or rather, that's what fans of the couple would hope for. However, according to the magazine "Di Più," the two met for work-related reasons.

The Turkish actor reportedly asked his colleague, who is also his ex-girlfriend and former fiancée, to move to Italy in order to take a step forward in her career and find the success he himself experienced years ago. How? By participating together in a new television project. Although many believe that his request might also hide a desire to rekindle their romantic relationship.

Here's what is reported in the "Di Più" magazine: "The actress is facing a series of auditions. She could land a leading role in a new Mediaset TV series... The actress seems to want to move to Italy to seek success here, just like Can did. He himself would have advised her to take the leap, especially now that she's free again. It appears that some producers are considering a series to reunite them on the small screen, as they are a couple that works, convinces, and is liked by the audience, who imagines them in love even in real life."

We emphasize that these are currently just rumors, and nothing has been confirmed or denied. Nevertheless, if the news were to be confirmed, fans would be overjoyed to see them together again! Perhaps in every sense!

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  1. Demet and Can back together again? YUK! Poor Mr. Yaman with such an unstable woman. Let her go back to her husband, whom she took vows with.

  2. Having taken vows won't stop her. All you have to do is follow her trail, not to mention her instagram. After her divorce she posted of her travels to Hungary, where we know Mr. Yaman spent time filming El Turco. Then she made a bee line for Athens, Greece; only 2 hours from Rome. Filled her instagram with all kinds of provocative outfits and poses, and since that wasn't enough to turn Mr. Yaman's attention towards her, she then flew to Italy on the pretext of some concert. Keeping in mind that the artist was performing in concerts throughout europe; it was pretty convenient that she chose to attend the one in Italy. How subtle the chase :)

  3. riri-nano is clearly run by Demet Ozdemir fans. (Delusional fans playing out the fantasies in their heads 😂)


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