Can Yaman, Chaos on Set: He's at Odds with Francesca Chillemi!

Can Yaman, Chaos on Set: He's at Odds with Francesca Chillemi!

Can Yaman is on the set of "Viola como il mare" with colleague Francesca Chillemi. The relationship between the two is becoming more strained, as shown in the newly shared video.

Can Yaman, Chaos on Set: He's at Odds with Francesca Chillemi!

Turkish heartthrob Can Yaman is currently on the set of "Viola como il mare" filming its second season. He is accompanied by co-star Francesca Chillemi. While it was initially believed that the two had smoothed out their differences, it doesn't seem to be the case. The new video actually reveals the state of their relationship...

Can Yaman at odds with Francesca Chillemi: tensions on set!

fans of "Viola como il mare"  were not only enamored by the relationship between journalist Viola Vitale and Chief Police Inspector Francesco Demir, but they also loved the chemistry on set and in the everyday lives of the two actors, Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi. After a first season in which the two were very close, a sudden chill has descended.

Their distance hasn't only been on social media; it's also due to the Turkish heartthrob's commitments. He spent six months in Hungary shooting the new Disney Plus series, "El Turco" The two reunited after several months for the second season of "Viola como il mare" But how are things going on set?

Can Yaman's fans can breathe a sigh of relief: the actor has officially donned the role of Chief Police Inspector Francesco Demir in the light crime fiction by Lux Vide. After a successful first season, the star distanced himself from his co-star Francesca Chillemi, despite their great chemistry. The two never revealed what happened, but many speculate that the actor wanted to "protect" his co-star.

While many saw the two leads of "Viola como il mare" as a likely couple, the Turkish star might have wanted to create distance between his name and that of his colleague who plays Viola Vitale, to clarify that he would never disturb the tranquility of an existing couple. In fact, Francesca Chillemi has been in a relationship with the father of her child, Stefano Rosso, for some time.

In the video posted on the official Fiction Mediaset account, however, the two actors were filmed on the first day of shooting. Despite being accustomed to their playful banter, it seems that the relationship between the pair is currently quite strained. When Francesca Chillemi turns the camera towards the Turkish heartthrob, Yaman's expression darkens, and he seeks the support of colleague Giovanni Nasti. "Now if he stops talking...," says the actress in the video, quite irked. The tension is growing thicker by the moment...

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