Can Yaman, the first official photos from the set of Viola come il mare 2!

Can Yaman, the first official photos from the set of Viola come il mare 2!

Can Yaman is extremely busy on the set of "Viola come il mare ." The actor plays the role of Chief Police Inspector Francesco Demir, and the first photos from the set have surprisingly arrived.

Can Yaman, the first official photos from the set of Viola come il mare 2!

Turkish heartthrob Can Yaman has returned to the set of "Viola come il mare 2" for weeks to shoot the second season. The actor has once again taken on the role of Chief Police Inspector Francesco Demir, alongside his colleague Francesca Chillemi. The first photos from the set have been shared by one of the official Mediaset accounts.

Can Yaman, here are the first exclusive photos from the set of "Viola come il mare"!

The most curious fans will have a chance to catch a glimpse of the very first images from the set of the second season of "Viola come il mare" The Fiction Mediaset account was the one to gift fans with the first photos of the new season. In some of the shots, Turkish heartthrob Can Yaman is seen joking around with his colleague Giovanni Nasta.

The atmosphere on the set of Canale 5's light crime drama seems to be quite relaxed. That's precisely what comes across from the initial content shared by the production. The mood turns jovial when Giovanni Nasta, who plays Turi D'Agata in the series, joins the actors. He is the right-hand man and comedic sidekick to Chief Police Inspector Francesco Demir.

It's characters like Turi that bring a sense of lightness to the role played by the Turkish heartthrob, who, as scripted, is handsome and enigmatic. Fans of the two actors can't help but imagine the smiles the pair of detectives will bring them. As they await the new episodes set to arrive on Canale 5 in the upcoming autumn, between late 2023 and the early weeks of 2024, those who follow the series can enjoy the brand-new shots from the set.

Furthermore, for those who can't wait any longer, the first season, which aired on Canale 5 last autumn, can be streamed on Netflix. Meanwhile, on the set, work continues tirelessly on the new cycle of episodes, which will consist of a total of 12. In the lives of the two protagonists, significant changes are on the horizon, especially for Viola Vitale, who will have new colleagues at the newspaper and will face challenges due to the arrival of a new District Attorney.

The production of "Viola come il mare 2" officially began on July 17th in Rome, but they will be moving to Sicily in a few weeks. At the director's helm is Alexis Sweet, taking the place of Francesco Vicario. Despite not having much information about the script for the second season, it has been revealed that the story will pick up from the last episode, where Viola continues to search for clues about her identity, and Francesco Demir investigates the case of human trafficking. The strong connection between the two characters will be explored, and this time, a photograph will unite them.

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