Can Yaman must calm down at all costs: "I'm too charged..."

Can Yaman must calm down at all costs: "I'm too charged..."

Can Yaman has returned to the set of "Viola como il mare" (Viola like the Sea) for a few weeks now. He has fully immersed himself in the role of Chief Police Inspector Francesco Demir, ready to share his new adventures. However, his enthusiasm was abruptly halted...

Can Yaman must calm down at all costs: "I'm too charged..."

Fans of "Viola como il mare" won't have to wait much longer. All the actors have returned to the set a few weeks ago and are filming the new episodes that will be released between the end of 2023 and the first months of 2024. The actors are doing their best, working tirelessly to bring to life the new scenes that will air on Canale 5.

Can Yaman can't handle it anymore: he's too charged on the set of "Viola como il mare"

Turkish heartthrob Can Yaman has been forced to interrupt the "Break the Wall Tour" a charity initiative carried out in collaboration with his charitable association to help young people overcome their social difficulties. Stepping into the shoes of Chief Police Inspector Francesco Demir requires a lot of commitment.

After all, it's known how much the actor values giving his full 100% in everything he does. When he moved to Hungary to shoot the Disney Plus series "El Turco," he even disappeared from social media to fully dedicate himself to his role. Now that he's back in Rome to record the new episodes of "Viola como il mare" he's bringing a lot of joy to his fans.

Moreover, the Instagram account of Fiction Mediaset is sharing various clips and photos straight from backstage. A few hours ago, shots of the two protagonists were shared. "Exclusive from the set of #ViolaComeIlMare2, the very first shots of our protagonists! Coming soon on #Canale5," was the post's description.

Between posts of "Viola como il mare" the two actors teased each other backstage. "Viola como il mare 2 is starting right now. We're already celebrating..." the Turkish star began. Suddenly, however, his colleague reprimanded him. It must be said that Francesca Chillemi doesn't hold back: "We're starting, if he stops talking, we'll magically begin."

Her words hit home for the actor, who seemed quite peeved. After all, there have been talks for months about the frostiness with colleague Francesca Chillemi after the end of the first season. Judging by how the Turkish heartthrob's expression changed, it seems that his relationship with his co-star is still tense. Nonetheless, he tried to downplay it. "Wait for me to calm down for a moment, I'm too charged," he said, highlighting his enthusiasm.

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