Can Yaman, Shocking Behind-the-Scenes of the Past: When I Was Four Years Old...

Can Yaman, Shocking Behind-the-Scenes of the Past: When I Was Four Years Old...

In a recent interview, Can Yaman revealed an unprecedented aspect of his past.

Can Yaman, Shocking Behind-the-Scenes of the Past: When I Was Four Years Old...

Currently engaged on the set of the second season of the successful series "Viola come il mare" Can Yaman himself announced the beginning of filming in a post on his Instagram profile a few weeks ago. There, he also recalled the first season with great emotion, which will always hold a special place in his heart for numerous reasons, describing it as a unique experience. He expressed his feelings about the start of filming the second season, mentioning the emotions, colors, and passion he perceives, indicating that everything will be wonderful. He conveyed his excitement and motivation, saying, "We're full of energy, let's go, guys! Good luck to all of us..."

However, beyond his debut in the second season of the Canale Cinque series, the Turkish actor never stops, not even for a moment. He is always engaged on various fronts and with different projects, from charitable work bearing his name to the release of his biography, and onward to other television and non-television ventures.

Can Yaman opens up about a glimpse from his past

But that's not all. Naturally, he also tries to make time for family and friends. It's no coincidence that some time ago, during an interview with TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, he talked about his loved ones and his past, revealing how important his family is to him. A family that gifted him a wonderful childhood, from which he holds beautiful memories.

Here's what he shared in this regard: "They gave me a wonderful childhood. I always found in my family what I needed. For years, and still today, my mom and dad have been my best friends. When I was a child, I didn't seek out friends my age; I was a bit introverted. 

My first memory with my mom? I might have been around 4 years old: I was mischievous and plucked leaves from plants. My mom explained to me that plants are living beings just like dogs and cats. 'You pet animals: with plants, you should do the same,' she told me. 

Since then, my respect for nature was born. And then it was my mom who taught me to swim... by throwing me into the water. As for my dad? Perhaps the first gift he gave me: a soccer ball. But more than any one thing, I remember that when my dad was around, I felt good, safe because he was cheerful, sunny, fun, and physically strong – everyone respected him."

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