Demet Özdemir as a guest on Verissimo? The social detail doesn't go unnoticed

Demet Özdemir as a guest on Verissimo? The social detail doesn't go unnoticed

Demet Özdemir has once again graced the small screen with "My Home My Destiny" currently airing on Canale 5, a series that is captivating millions of fans all over Italy.

Demet Özdemir as a guest on Verissimo? The social detail doesn't go unnoticed

The Turkish actress portrays Zeynep, a girl of humble origins who was adopted as a child by well-off employers of her mother. As an adult, after attending the most elite schools in the country, she's forced into a marriage of convenience with a high-society man. It's precisely then that Zeynep's biological mother reenters her life.

After the end of her marriage with Oguzhan Koc, Demet is enjoying her first summer as a single woman. The Turkish diva and the singer divorced on May 8th of the previous year, around eight months after their wedding at the Six Senes Kotacas Mansion in Istanbul. Their union sparked much discussion, especially in their homeland. According to many, it was believed to be purely a publicity-oriented marriage, as reiterated on several occasions by Alessandro Rosica, particularly well-versed in Turkish gossip affairs.

New insights about Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman

Furthermore, according to the Social Investigator, Demet never really stopped staying in touch with Can Yaman, her former partner in "Day Dreamer - The Wings of Dreams," with whom there were rumors of a flirtation. "There's something, though, that I haven't told you before, I wanted to be sure first: during the fake relationship phase, in other words, in their private lives, the Turkish actress remained single, never lost contact with her ex-partner and colleague Can Yaman. The last moment they were photographed together, happy and carefree, was at last year's Disney event. Their gazes speak clearly, behind the scenes they talked for at least half an hour and their tones were certainly not those of mere friends or colleagues. But there's one thing no one knows, while she couldn't be seen with any other man due to the contract, and likewise Oguzhan with other women, the unthinkable happened. The two actors, in fact, left together with mutual friends at the end of the evening, in two different cars. That night Demet didn't go home, neither did Can. Today I can only say one thing with extreme certainty, the two are not just friends and they're in constant communication. I don't rule out a possible paparazzi shot of the two in the future, as of now, together, they are among the most reserved people. I don't think they can hide forever, it's impossible."

Demet Özdemir as a guest on Verissimo

Meanwhile, a social detail hasn't gone unnoticed. Verissimo's Instagram account has posted some pictures of Demet Özdemir while she's on vacation in Greece. The Turkish actress was already a guest on the elegant set of Canale 5 in October 2020, thanks to the incredible success of the series "Day Dreamer - The Wings of Dreams," which was airing on Mediaset's flagship network at the time. At this point, it's easy to speculate that, thanks to the excellent ratings of "My Home My Destiny" the Turkish actress might return to Italy next September, where she will once again be welcomed by Silvia Toffanin.

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