Demet Özdemir, on her vacation in Greece with DJ Sergio: I didn't plan to return

Demet Özdemir, on her vacation in Greece with DJ Sergio: I didn't plan to return

  • The actress has returned to Istanbul after spending several weeks in Greece
  • Turkish media link the actress to DJ Sergio, with whom she has been seen on multiple occasions
  • "The vacation was beautiful, active, and fun"

Demet Özdemir is back in Turkey. The actress, who has been spending the past few weeks in Greece with various friends, has returned to her country amidst rumors of a relationship with DJ Sergio, a Greek DJ who enjoys considerable success in his country. She has been spotted with him on several occasions throughout these vacations, and while the couple has resisted confirming the news and has only posed alongside various friends, the truth is they have been dropping some hints about this budding romance, as you can see in the following video.

Demet Özdemir, on her vacation in Greece with DJ Sergio: I didn't plan to return

The actress has taken the opportunity to finish her house in Greece

Beyond this budding romance, which she currently doesn't want to discuss, Demet Özdemir's stay in the Greek islands has been connected to a very personal project. The actress, who revealed last June that she had acquired a house there and was renovating it to her liking, has used these extended vacations to oversee the work and add the final touches to her new residence, which is now fully completed.

Upon her arrival in Istanbul, she confirmed that apart from enjoying the beach and spending time with friends, she also dealt with matters related to her new property. "It was something I had planned for a long time, and it's just been finished. I had to come and go a lot because the interior was being done. Everyone thinks I'm only on vacation, but that's not the case. I had a vacation and took care of decorating the house" confirmed the actress. She won't have to stay in hotels anymore when she travels to Greece to enjoy its beaches and, who knows, perhaps to reunite with her new love interest.

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  1. As unstable as Ms. Ozdemir has proven to be; her promiscuity with DJ Sergio is highly probable. But only as a side note, since we all know her intended target is Mr. Can Yaman. Trip to Hungary; where El Turco was filmed. Buys house in Greece; only 2 hours away from Rome. All types of provocative poses all over instagram. Since these and other tactics (too many to mention here) did not move Mr. Yaman; she then flies directly to Italy "to attend a concert" seriously ! 🤨. So no worries about DJ Sergio; he's just a sideshow. 😂


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