Kerem Bürsin Talks About the Sacrifices He Makes as the 'Dad' of Héctor, the Little 'Boss' of His Home

Kerem Bürsin Talks About the Sacrifices He Makes as the 'Dad' of Héctor, the Little 'Boss' of His Home

  • Kerem Bürsin adopted Héctor with his ex-girlfriend, actress Serenay Sarikaya, in 2016.
  • The actor has referred to Héctor as 'a son' he likes to spoil.
  • When Bürsin and Sarikaya broke up, he kept Héctor while she kept their other dog, Orpheus.

At seven years old, he has become his inseparable companion. Héctor entered Kerem Bürsin's life in 2016 when he was just a puppy. He adopted him along with his then-girlfriend, fellow actress Serenay Sarikaya, with whom he already had another canine love, Orpheus. The couple shared their daily lives with their two pets, who held a prominent place on the Turkish interpreter's Instagram feed. She didn't hesitate to share some fun moments with them.

Kerem Bürsin Talks About the Sacrifices He Makes as the 'Dad' of Héctor, the Little 'Boss' of His Home

However, problems arose in 2019 when the couple ended their love story. Who would keep the pets? Initially, Kerem and Serenay considered shared custody of their dogs, but they soon realized it was impractical since they lived in different cities, Istanbul and Antalya. Faced with this complicated situation, the couple chose what they considered the best and only option. Kerem kept Héctor, and Serenay kept Orpheus.

Héctor, the boss at Kerem Bürsin's home

Since then, this little miniature Yorkshire Terrier, well-known to the actor's fans, has become the best friend of the Turkish actor. He shares some tender moments with his dog on his Instagram profile, revealing that Héctor is more than just a pet to him. The actor acknowledges that Héctor is 'his child,' and he dedicates all his free time to him. Héctor is a 'demanding' dog who has 'imposed' a routine that Kerem can't skip a single day: playtime is a must. Héctor is the boss of the house, and the actor enjoys 'spoiling' him. "Our morning ritual... Before we head to work (yes, Héctor comes to work with me), we have to play for 30 minutes with all his friends... Life as a dad?" the actor wrote alongside a funny picture of his pet.

And like a good 'dad,' Kerem likes to show off his son on the set and takes him to work whenever he can. In the car, Héctor likes to poke his head out and enjoy the breeze. Héctor has become a star on Instagram, where his owner often shares numerous stories of him in his arms, showering him with kisses, or posting amusing snapshots where they share matching looks, as if they were father and son. These images have made the actor's fans adore this little pet that has stolen Kerem Bürsin's heart.

Sirio, Kerem Bürsin's Dog in Fiction

A known animal lover, the actor also had a beloved pet in fiction. Kerem Bürsin fell in love with Sirio, Serkan Bolat's dog. Küba was the real name of this dog that the entire series' crew wanted to pay tribute to in the last episode after learning of the dog's passing in August 2021. "We will never forget you, Sirio," was the message dedicated to the pet, who became Serkan Bolat's best friend and confidant at the start of the story and played a vital role in the early stages of his relationship with Eda.

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