Melisa Döngel is undergoing treatment to remove the facial fillers that had altered her face.

Melisa Döngel is undergoing treatment to remove the facial fillers that had altered her face.

  • Melisa Döngel had undergone several touch-ups in recent years. 
  • Dissatisfied with the results, the actress has turned to a prestigious doctor who has removed the facial fillers.
  •  After the corrective treatment, the doctor has revealed that no further cosmetic touch-ups will be performed on the actress.

The new television season is starting, and Melisa Döngel has made an important decision about her physical appearance. After having several cosmetic touch-ups on her face, the star of 'Love is in the air' has reversed course upon realizing the mistake. Determined to regain her appearance and aware of the importance of always being in the best hands, the actress has sought out one of Turkey's most prestigious doctors, Dr. Zeynep Azaklı. She has been responsible for carrying out this procedure in which the actress wanted to correct the mistakes and remove the facial fillers that have changed her face. A radical change with which she no longer felt comfortable and which you can see in the video that accompanies this news.

Melisa Döngel is undergoing treatment to remove the facial fillers that had altered her face.

The doctor's approach to aesthetic medicine is what convinced the actress to choose her. Dr. Azaklı is a renowned professional who values natural beauty and believes that "aesthetic procedures are a process that affects not only appearance but also self-confidence and individual happiness." That is why doctors must become guides in this process and know how to guide the patient and tell them when they should stop, as they are the experts. "The important thing is not to change the structure of the person's face, but to emphasize beauty."

Highlighting natural beauty by removing fillers and without any additional touch-ups

That is precisely what the doctor has done with Melisa Döngel. After carefully analyzing her case and examining the previous touch-ups she had undergone, Zeynep Azaklı began the process of restoring the actress's face. "In Melisa's case, we support her unique personality by highlighting her natural beauty. Our goal is to allow each of our patients to feel better and experience their daily life in a more positive way." commented the doctor.

Furthermore, she has made it clear that in the actress's case, given her beauty, no further touch-ups will be performed after her intervention to correct the damage. "She doesn't need any cosmetic treatment because she didn't need it before. We removed all the wrong facial fillers and revealed her natural beauty," concluded the doctor.

According to several Turkish media outlets, the procedure has been a success, and the doctor managed to remove the fillers without any major issues, thus restoring the actress's natural appearance. In part, this success is due to the doctor's extensive experience, who has stated on more than one occasion that aesthetic interventions are not only physical transformations but also "works of art that reflect individuals' inner beauty."

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