V's Solo Debut: What We Know So Far

V's Solo Debut: What We Know So Far

V from BTS is the latest member of the group to officially embark on solo activities!

V's Solo Debut: What We Know So Far

The singer will unveil his first personal album titled "Layover" on September 8th, according to the announcement made this Tuesday by his production company, BigHit Music. This formulation of the title and release date of the new album formally announces V's solo endeavors.

The album will feature six songs: "Slow Dancing," "Rainy Days," "Blue," "Love Me Again," "For Us," and a bonus track. ADOR agency's CEO, Min Hee-jin, is the producer behind the project.

V's Solo Debut: What We Know So Far

The track "Slow Dancing" carries the romantic style of soul music with a laid-back and languid ambiance. Through this collaboration, Min Hee-jin and V will present five music videos.

Min Hee-jin shared last week, "I prepared songs that I wanted to create while also reflecting V's tastes. We focused on making easily digestible music rather than following typical musical conventions."

Min Hee-jin explained, "I received an offer at the end of last year. I initially hesitated due to our schedules, but I was intrigued by V's attitude, passion, and his unique vocal tone, which I wasn't familiar with."

V's Solo Debut: What We Know So Far

"We were incredibly busy, but I believe an interesting production has emerged."

V's Solo Debut: What We Know So Far

However, V confessed to feeling nervous, stating, "I'm nervous but happy. This album captures my preferences. There will be many performances. I prepared myself with the thought that fans would be pleased, so I hope you're excited."

"I believe you'll get to see a new side of the solo artist V, distinct from V of BTS."

A few weeks ago, music critic Kim Young Dae provided insight by sharing, "You could say this is a fresh discovery of a vocalist named V. Of course, there's also a familiar image of V. However, I think you'll be surprised by this image and exclaim, 'He handled it quite well.'"

He added, "First and foremost, the music is excellent. V has a very captivating voice, but in BTS songs, there are certain directions to his interpretations. In this album, he's resolved that matter well. It feels very natural."

He sparked curiosity by announcing, "If you're curious about discovering the natural V, wait for it. And there's a unique reason I can't tell you about right now. You'll probably be surprised."

V's Solo Debut: What We Know So Far

In addition to this debut solo album, V has already presented solo singles like "Stigma" and "Inner Child," showcasing his raspy yet gentle voice.

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