Barış Arduç is experiencing his most special summer after becoming a father: the actor shares the first image with his daughter

Barış Arduç is experiencing his most special summer after becoming a father: the actor shares the first image with his daughter

  • Barış Arduç and his wife have spent their first summer as parents on the beaches of Çeşme
  • Little Jan Asya will turn one year old next September 9
  • The actor has been seen playing with his daughter in the sea

Barış Arduç is living his happiest summer. The lead actor of 'Kiralik Ask' is going through his best personal moment after welcoming his first daughter with his wife, also an actress, Gupse Özay, on September 9th. The couple, who are spending their first summer as parents in the coastal town of Çeşme, have shifted their priorities. Now everything revolves around little Jan Asya, who has changed their lives. 

A very special and different summer

With a cap and sunglasses, the actor has tried to go as unnoticed as possible on the crowded beaches of Çeşme, where he has been seen enjoying his time to the fullest with his daughter. Holding the little one in his arms, the actor ventured into the sea to play with her. Jan Asya, smiling and wearing a white swimsuit with red polka dots, appeared calm and playful under the watchful gaze of her mother, who enjoyed the swim with them, along with several friends including actors Engin Öztürk and Öykü Karayel.

The first social media pose with Jan Asya

And after the beach day, the actor wanted to share a beautiful snapshot with his little one with his followers. Known for being reluctant to expose his private life, this is the first time in a year that the actor has posed with his daughter in his arms. Until now, the actor had only shared a couple of pictures with the stroller and the car seat at the hospital exit, but it seems that the summer and these first vacations with his little one have been reason enough to make an exception and show a piece of his privacy to his fans with this very intimate image. And although he has taken great care not to show her face, thanks to this photograph, we can see that the little one, who is about to turn one year old, is growing up fast.

The actor has no intention of expanding the family

Although he is enjoying this new stage of his life to the fullest, parenthood is sometimes a challenging adventure. Taking care of a child is a demanding task and a great responsibility that requires absolute dedication. That's why, at the moment, the actor has no plans to expand the family and give Jan Asya a little sibling. "Having a second child is a blessing. But what's the use of having more children if you can't give them the attention they need? If we can provide one hundred percent material and spiritual support, then we should have children. But it's obvious that this is not child's play. When you become a parent, you understand it" the star of 'Kiralik Ask' affirmed a few months ago.

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