BLACKPINK, Rose Only Renews Contract! Jisoo and Lisa Receive Astronomical Signing Bonuses and Transfer... Prospects for Separate but Unified Activities

BLACKPINK, Rose Only Renews Contract! Jisoo and Lisa Receive Astronomical Signing Bonuses and Transfer... Prospects for Separate but Unified Activities

At the '2023 MTV Video Music Awards' in the United States, BLACKPINK won the 'Group of the Year' award. Photo | YG Entertainment

According to multiple music industry insiders on the 21st, there is a prospect that BLACKPINK, a girl group that garnered intense attention regarding their contract renewal, will continue their activities with the motto "separate but unified."

It has been reported that BLACKPINK member Rose has stamped her agreement for a contract renewal with YG Entertainment. The remaining three members, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa, are said to be in the final stages of negotiation for a unique strategy in which they will be affiliated with a different agency than YG Entertainment but continue BLACKPINK activities for six months out of the year.

This contract renewal strategy bears similarities to the contract arrangement for Super Junior members such as Eunhyuk, Donghae, and Kyuhyun, whose contracts expired with SM Entertainment.

It is known that members Jisoo, who has a clear potential for a career shift into acting, and Lisa, who enjoys high popularity overseas, particularly in her home country of Thailand, are set to receive substantial signing bonuses in the hundreds of billions as part of their transfers.

According to music industry insiders, overseas investors who recognized the vast potential of Jisoo, who has already ascended to the status of a world star, and Lisa, who holds immense influence in the Southeast Asian market, including Thailand, have made significant investments. Both of them are reported to have signed contracts with different companies, with Jisoo's company being domestic.

Earlier, another world-famous group, BTS, under Big Hit Entertainment, announced their contract renewal and full-group activities until 2025. Following this, it is expected that activities will continue for both BTS and BLACKPINK, representing Korea's two top K-pop groups.

Jennie expressed her commitment to continuing BLACKPINK activities during the encore performance of the 'BLACKPINK' world tour held at Gochuck Sky Dome in Seoul on the 17th, stating, "BLACKPINK will continue to work hard and show their cool side in the future.”

BLACKPINK, which made its debut in 2016, is considered the top girl group in K-pop history, setting records as the first, best, and most numerous in various categories.

They hold records such as the highest number of YouTube channel subscribers and views among global artists, being the top Spotify followers among global girl groups, topping the Billboard 200 as the first Korean girl group, and headlining Coachella, the world's largest music festival.

The 'BLACKPINK' tour attracted 1.8 million attendees, the second-highest among single K-pop world tours, following BTS' 'Love Yourself' tour, which drew 2.05 million people.

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