Can Yaman, the assault: Francesca Chillemi's unexpected reaction

Can Yaman, the assault: Francesca Chillemi's unexpected reaction

Can Yaman has been accused of assaulting a shopkeeper. His co-star Francesca Chillemi had an unexpected reaction.

Can Yaman has been accused of assaulting a shopkeeper. His co-star Francesca Chillemi had an unexpected reaction.

Turkish heartthrob Can Yaman found himself at the center of an unfortunate incident. During the filming of the second season of "Viola come il mare" he was accused of assaulting a shopkeeper in Civita Castellana. Let's find out how his co-star Francesca Chillemi reacted to the situation.

The news of the alleged assault by the Turkish actor Can Yaman on a shopkeeper in Civita Castellana has been circulating on the web for days. According to what the woman, Barbara Nelli, revealed to Il Messaggero, the actor verbally assaulted her inside her shop because of the volume of her radio being too loud.

Can Yaman, Francesca Chillemi's reaction to the assault

According to the shopkeeper, it took four people to restrain the actor. Yaman became furious because the loud radio in the woman's shop was preventing him from doing his work properly. The cast and crew of "Viola come il mare" arrived in Civita Castellana last week to shoot some episodes for the second season. One of the most significant consequences for the residents was the closure of the main square, Piazza Matteotti, and the many shops that face it, including Barbara Nelli's.

"I entered the shop early, at 7 in the morning. I started cleaning. Once inside, I couldn't leave or receive customers. I was practically trapped. So, I turned on the radio," the shopkeeper began her account with Il Messaggero. It was precisely at that moment that the actor burst into the shop.

"While I was talking and explaining my reasons politely, Can Yaman stormed in like a fury and verbally assaulted me. Four people had to restrain him because he wanted to attack me. He even kicked one of the people trying to hold him back. I was very scared."

During this incident, the female lead of "Viola come il mare" Francesca Chillemi, was also present. The actress reassured the shopkeeper inside her store. "She reassured me, and she was very kind. She kept saying, 'Do it for me' " Barbara Nelli recounted. After this incident, Lux Vide production company contacted the shopkeeper to offer her compensation of 600 euros, but the proposal was declined. The shopkeeper's lawyer explained their reasons.

They tried to address the assault with compensation, without wanting to exploit the incident. It must be admitted that not everything was organized in the best way. Leaving the shopkeepers without any compensation for four days was not the right approach.

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  1. I have been following Can Yaman for five years now, and I have never seen him be rude, or violent to anyone especially a woman. He is always ready, and willing to take selfies, and sign autographs with all his fans.
    I have on the other hand seen how some of these women have shoved their phones in his face, pulled his hair trying to a yank a strand of it, and how they practically seduce him publicly.
    Unfortunately we live in a very dishonest world. Who knows what this shopkeeper was promised to slander, and discredit him.
    The truth will be known, and I am certain it will be in favor of Can Yaman.

  2. I’m not buying this… though scorpions are known for their temper but being a lawyer himself, he will not do such thing unless provoked

  3. It had been mentioned in the news prior to this incident; that the shopkeepers in the plaza did not want them filming there because they felt it was obstructing customers and their ability to do business. There's no doubt that, in retaliation for this, the shopkeeper most likely played loud music in order to disrupt filming. He should have left it to the production company to handle the shopkeeper and reported her to police. It's ill advised for celebrity like him to handle a situation like this personally; especially with all the opportunistic people in this world. What better time to lawyer up, lie, get even with production company for allegedly disrupting their business flow, and at the same time try and obtain some material gain. Mr. Yaman needs to keep presence of mind that there are a lot of snakes on this planet.


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