Korean Netizens React to Le Parisien's Article on BLACKPINK's Concert in Paris

Korean Netizens React to Le Parisien's Article on BLACKPINK's Concert in Paris

Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé returned to Paris for another concert on July 15, 2023, where they rocked the Stade de France.

Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé returned to Paris for another concert on July 15, 2023, where they rocked the Stade de France.

The group displayed unwavering professionalism and incredible charisma, creating euphoria among K-pop fans.

While many spectators had unforgettable moments and applauded the girl group, the French newspaper Le Parisien seems to disagree, labeling the concert as the worst of the summer in 2023.

This is not the first time Le Parisien has criticized the girls; a few months ago, they described BLACKPINK's concert as "mediocre" and questioned the group's worthiness of the "Artist of the Year 2022" title awarded by Time magazine.

According to Le Parisien, BLACKPINK's two-hour setlist managed to excite the crowd, but there were "many tears" from "noisy" fans and "teenagers with visible tights under their short skirts."

The publication also compared BLACKPINK's achievements to those of BTS, highlighting that BTS achieved "sold-out" status twice at the Accor Arena in Paris, while YG's girls couldn't even fill the Stade de France.

On social media, fans believe Le Parisien's remarks lack professionalism and respect. Furthermore, fans have expressed frustration because Le Parisien provided inaccurate information. They emphasized that BORN PINK's concert at the Stade de France was sold out.

Then, on September 2, Le Parisien continued its critique, describing the girls' performances as the worst of the summer. This garnered media attention. Korean Netizens reacted, writing:

"France is a country full of selfish people and a culture of supremacy. They will always hate K-pop while praising Canadian artists and their own."

"A journalist with a taste for The Weeknd..."

"Yes, it really looked like they were lazy while dancing."

"The least you could do is not give your fans the impression that it was a waste of money. Don't organize concerts if you just get on stage to pass the time and make money!"

"Yeah, it's just... It's unacceptable. It's embarrassing, to be honest. The perfection they had during their debut is gone. They lack practice, rehearsals, and communication among themselves... The performance revealed that they hadn't rehearsed together, especially with the rumors of Lisa leaving. Jisoo's skills, as always, don't seem to be improving either, so it's not even worth mentioning anymore."

"Anyone who has traveled to France knows how ignorant and racist they are towards Asians."

"Just watch Beyoncé's concert... There are clips everywhere on YouTube. The scale and quality are incredible. K-pop is popular now but still improving. Even if they can't organize concerts on this scale, at least hire famous experts to properly correct the composition. I've seen a lot of excerpts from Blackpink's concert lately, but... It's clear that they've lost their roots. If even people like you and me can see it, imagine what the experts must see."

"Those who attended BLACKPINK's concert in Paris said it was the best performance of their life... Apart from this media outlet, local media like Elle France & France Info praised it. In the article, they called the fans 'noisy' and 'teenagers with stockings under their short skirts,' but the concert is loud ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Just by looking at such misogynistic comments, you can see the level of the journalist who wrote this article."

"There are so many idols who can take their place in this industry... it's time to end it. The moment has come for this group."

"They are not artists, so they cannot deliver emotional performances. These are their songs and performances, but they dance lazily, lip-sync, and act like it's a song sung by another group. How can you entertain fans if that's what you're delivering? It looks like they don't care anymore."

"They are just factory-made products... slim dolls on stage doing a memorized choreography."

"Blackpink is a disappointment."

"Arrogant French people, even in the '70s and '80s, they were very sarcastic when they saw teenagers going crazy over American stars' performances!"

"It's just dance and lipsync, so if you're used to the idol culture, you find it normal. We have to admit that it's not as appealing to non-Kpop fans. Even the Grammys don't recognize K-pop as music. It's not art; it's factory-made music."

"Do we really need to know what an old white French man wrote?"

"They only work hard to date men."

"There is no emotion in K-pop, it's not like the old Korean singers. I don't understand its popularity abroad."

"These French people are popular for their racism."

"BLACKPINK, we won't be coming to France for a while. Okay..."

"Europe is a country with an old culture where they think it's romantic not to turn on the air conditioner and wear clothes made of cooling materials when it's hot... What do people like that think? If you understand... you understand."

"It's racism. Western celebrities take 10 minutes just to change during a show, and if they're tired, they stop singing and take a break on stage. Why are they publishing an article like this? It's a discriminatory remark from a Frenchman saying that all Asian singers should perform by politely lowering themselves. There's a reason the French are called the 'Chinese of Europe.'"

"What do you think?"

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