Lisa's performance at the 'Crazy Horse' cabaret in Paris has received mixed reactions, with a fan account announcing its closure.

Lisa's performance at the 'Crazy Horse' cabaret in Paris has received mixed reactions, with a fan account announcing its closure.

Lisa received mixed reactions from Asian fans after confirming her appearance at the "Crazy Horse" club.

Lisa received mixed reactions from Asian fans after confirming her appearance at the "Crazy Horse" club.

Lisa will be a part of the show and the unique world of the cabaret, becoming a Crazy Girl herself. Throughout the show, Lisa will seamlessly blend into the troupe of dancers, appearing in various group numbers and performing several solo acts, including the iconic "But I am a Good Girl" and "Crisis? What Crisis?!". To perfect her transformation into a Crazy Girl, Lisa will wear the customary costumes of the show while infusing her personal touch.

This rare event marks a new chapter in Crazy Horse's rich history of artistic collaborations. Seventeen years ago, Dita Von Teese, followed by other inspiring female artists, was the first guest star invited, with specific acts created for her.

The brand director of the Crazy Horse Show stated, "I invited Lisa to perform on our stage in the hope of attracting new young customers. They are, in a way, our future audience, as the Crazy Horse Show has become an icon of proud and liberated women. I believe Lisa shares a similar perspective when she decided to perform."

"She has come several times, often visiting the girls backstage after the show to meet them (...) I thought it would be a good idea. And I went for it. Sometimes the stars align," she added.

According to ELLE magazine, as part of the "Totally Crazy" show, Lisa will don various costumes and participate in several acts with the troupe. This will set the stage ablaze at the institution located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. "The idea was really to put her in the shoes of a Crazy dancer from A to Z, from the beginning to the end of the show. It was her wish, and I found the idea very interesting because it changes us (...) We then chose several acts, including the opening and the finale, and several solo appearances."

However, this sparked a major controversy in China, as Crazy Horse is a famous cabaret known for its daring outfits.

Shortly after, Lisa and Crazy Horse suddenly became the top trending keywords online, including on China's popular Weibo search list.

There is still a growing trend of mixed opinions. A fan bar with over 50,000 Lisa fans decided to stop supporting her activities because they could not accept their idol performing in a cabaret.

Chinese netizens expressed:

"World-class idols have countless teenage fans, and yet they perform in a strip club. Aren't they afraid young children will copy them?"

"Fans often complain about stylists dressing them provocatively, but idols who go to dance in strip clubs in barely visible outfits :)))"

"Lisa used to say she dared not post bikini photos because she was afraid her mother would see them. Now, her mother doesn't care? Lisa's reputation took a hit."

"Being captivating and confident is fine, but having a top idol perform in a place like Crazy Horse is unacceptable!"

"Wait, did they think Lisa would perform nude?"

"Why have strip clubs become a 'symbol of women's pride and freedom'? Women can be beautiful and free in whatever they wear, but that doesn't mean they have to sell tickets for others to watch them."

"It seems only the Chinese oppose it, right? Lisa is an adult now, so she must have thought carefully before accepting the offer."

"Europeans may be more open-minded, but Lisa is an Asian idol, right?"

"If you want to attract young women, why not invite handsome men instead?"

After participating in this show, people will always mention this strip club performance whenever Lisa performs.

Lisa is incredible; this is art. It all depends on how people perceive it, doesn't it?

On social media, French fans had to explain the prestige associated with the "Crazy Horse." Among the tweets, you can read:

"'Stripper in a cabaret,' tell me you're ignorant without telling me. When you don't know what you're talking about, just be quiet. The Crazy Horse is a prestigious place, and I invite you to watch interviews with Crazy Horse dancers to educate yourself a bit."

"Do you realize that you're denigrating the entire profession of cabaret dancers just because you hate Lisa? You have too many problems here."

"It's sad that so many people don't know the fame and history of cabarets. Where is the culture???"

On the other hand, Lisa's show at the Crazy Horse sold out within 24 hours.

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