Erdal Özyağcılar is threatened with death by a man he was financially assisting.

Erdal Özyağcılar is threatened with death by a man he was financially assisting.


  • The actor received threats after refusing to continue providing financial assistance.
  • The man claimed to be an alcoholic and to have mental health issues.

Erdal Özyağcılar

Erdal Özyağcılar, the actor who portrayed Yıldırım Yenilmez, Lale's father in 'Room 309', has been threatened with death by a man he had been financially assisting for some time. According to several Turkish media reports, the actor, who has chosen not to publicly comment on the incident, has already taken the case to the authorities.

Following the actor's criminal complaint to the prosecutor's office, an investigation has been launched into the matter, and legal proceedings against this individual have begun. The individual has already given a statement to the police. It has been reported that the young man claimed that threatening calls were made from his phone without his consent. Furthermore, he stated that due to his alcoholism, he does not remember all the events clearly and has apologized.

The actor had been providing financial assistance to the defendant for a period of time.

As reported by the Turkish press, the actor and the defendant had a prior connection before the criminal events that led to the complaint. Apparently, the actor knew this individual, who is 48 years old and worked in a venue in the Beşiktaş district, and provided him with financial assistance for several months after he revealed that he was facing difficulties. For several months, the actor sent him money until about a month ago when he refused to continue helping.

The accused himself confirmed this part of the events in his statement. "I worked in some entertainment venues in Istanbul, and I know Erdal Özyağcılar from there. I asked him for money, and he sent it to me four or five times. Then, I asked him again, but that time he didn't send it." Up to that point, the accounts match, but from that moment on, the accused has offered a very different version. "A person named Ayhan took my mobile phone and insulted Özyağcılar."

In his statement, though not firmly denying the events, he claimed that due to his alcohol problems and mental disorders, he might not remember what happened. "I am an alcoholic, I am undergoing treatment for a personality disorder, so I do not recall whether I called him or not," said the young man, who, in the face of the serious accusation, has apologized to the actor and stated that he will reimburse all the financial assistance he received if deemed necessary. "I apologize. If necessary, I will return the money I received from him," said the man, who will appear before the judge of the Istanbul High Criminal Court in the coming days.

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