Kim So Hyun Responds to Dating Rumors with Hwang Minhyun

Kim So Hyun Responds to Dating Rumors with Hwang Minhyun

Kim So Hyun has addressed the speculations surrounding the nature of her relationship with Hwang Minhyun!

Kim So Hyun and Hwang Minhyun, former member of NU'EST, recently found themselves at the center of a dating rumor. Speculations arose due to their on-screen chemistry and realistic interactions behind the scenes between the two actors in the K-drama "My Lovely Liar."

As the rumor circulated, director Nam Sung Woo shared a video on his Instagram showing a passionate on-screen kiss between Kim So Hyun and Hwang Minhyun. This led internet users to wonder if the director was subtly confirming a real romance between the two.

However, Kim So Hyun set the record straight. In a recent interview with the Korean media outlet Sports Chosun, the actress first praised Hwang Minhyun. She shared her working experience with him, stating, "I'm happy to have had the opportunity to work with Minhyun in a romantic comedy. Everyone around me loves Minhyun and praises his beauty."

"When we first met, Minhyun was somewhat reserved and quiet. But as we got closer during filming, he turned out to be a funny guy. We shared acting ideas and had a lot of fun filming together."

Kim So Hyun also expressed her surprise at the extremely positive response to their on-screen chemistry. She said, "I also think that Minhyun and I look good together on screen. But in reality, before the K-drama aired, I didn't expect our interactions to create such a buzz. In romantic comedies, the chemistry between the main couple is always crucial. Therefore, I feel quite relieved that my chemistry with Minhyun has been well-received."

The actress then denied having a romantic relationship with Hwang Minhyun. She also clarified any misunderstandings about the director's intentions in sharing the kissing scene.

Kim shared, "The director shared the video of me kissing Minhyun because he was pleased with our chemistry, not because Minhyun and I are dating [in real life], as many people believe."

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