Statement from Faruk Turgut regarding Demet Özdemir!

Statement from Faruk Turgut regarding Demet Özdemir!

Statement from Faruk Turgut regarding Demet Özdemir!

Seda Fettahoğlu, an actress from Istanbul City Theatres of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, was found dead in Şehitler Park on September 10th. Following Fettahoğlu's suicide, Melek Baykal expressed her reaction, saying, "Magazine stars are favored on screen." Müge Dağıstanlı from Haber10 discussed the claim that producers always choose the same names with producer Faruk Turgut.

Turgut also commented on Hande Erçel's performance, stating, "Turkey debates Hande's acting, but when a viewer in South America watches her, they don't say, 'Her acting is limited.' They watch her with admiration. I don't understand why they make her a scapegoat. It's as if they all deliver Oscar-worthy performances, and only Hande is bad! Moreover, she doesn't have any connections like others do. Everyone should accept that Hande Erçel is the name that guarantees the foreign sales of a series, which means the survival of the production."

However, the content of the news was altered by some platforms to include, "Is Demet Özdemir really that good at acting?" Faruk Turgut reacted to this spread of news and stated, "Demet Özdemir is a very valuable actress for me with whom I have worked for years and hundreds of episodes, and she has earned her place with her talent and success. I am deeply saddened by the mention of Demet's name in the content of the news."

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