Jungkook (BTS) Announces the Timing of His Military Enlistment in a Letter to Fans

Jungkook (BTS) Announces the Timing of His Military Enlistment in a Letter to Fans

Jungkook has penned a letter to his fans.

On November 22, BIGHIT Music announced that RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook from BTS had initiated the process to begin their military service.

Following this announcement, Jungkook posted a letter on Weverse to disclose the timing of his military enlistment.

He wrote:

"To the ARMYs whom I love,

The wind is very cold as we are already approaching the end of November. Everyone already knows this, so I am writing a brief letter to all of you.

I will embark on a new journey in December. I will temporarily leave everyone to fulfill my military duty. A part of me feels heavy as I tell you this, but on the other hand, my heart warms when I think of the precious memories I have shared with the ARMYs.

Every moment I've spent with you is among the brightest in my life. The smiles, support, and love from the ARMYs have led me here. I am so grateful that you have supported my dream and walked silently by my side.

I hesitate a bit to tell you to wait for me during my service. One year and six months is a long time. That's why I can't utter those selfish words, but I promise that upon my return, I will be where I've always been, and I will step back on stage after growing.

During this time, I hope that the lives of the ARMYs will always be filled with laughter and happiness, and I hope your everyday life will be full of health and beauty. I will miss you deeply, waiting to see you again to talk about new things. Don't get sick, and stay healthy.

I love you."

Source: Weverse

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