Furkan Andıç accepts the challenge from a Turkish chef: the actor steps into the kitchen and showcases his culinary talent

Furkan Andıç accepts the challenge from a Turkish chef: the actor steps into the kitchen and showcases his culinary talent

  • Turkish chef Emir Elidemir challenged the actor to cook a delicious lasagna for his followers.
  • Furkan Andiç proves he's quite the cook.

Furkan Andıç has embraced the challenge thrown at him by renowned Turkish chef Emir Elidemir through social media. The actor wasted no time and met with the chef to prepare a delightful dish, demonstrating that he picked up something from his character in 'Tatlı İntikam' where he portrayed Sinan, a successful chef running his own restaurant.

"Could we do it?" That was the question Emir Elidemir posed to the actor. And yes, it seems they could. In a fun video shared on their social media, we see Andiç in the chef's kitchen, getting to work. However, it appears Elidemir didn't entirely trust his assistant, who kept a close eye on him, supervising every step of the recipe—a delicious lasagna.

Despite never showcasing his culinary skills to his followers, the actor proves to be quite adept. Handling the meat, pasta, bechamel, grating cheese, and putting it in the oven—the star of 'her yerde sen demonstrates his prowess in the kitchen, being both meticulous and clean.

With the cooking finished, it's time for the taste test, and it seems to be a resounding success. Although the chef will never know. After sampling the first bite, Furkan Andiç flees without any intention of sharing the dish with his fellow cook.

The actor enjoys the little things.

The video of the actor in the kitchen has revealed to his followers an previously unknown side of the actor, who showed dedication in preparing the recipe. His attitude doesn't come as a surprise. Andiç is a passionate man who enjoys life's little things and pleasures. Cooking is undoubtedly one of them, especially when accompanied by a good friend. That's what he demonstrates in the video shared on his social media. "People are my motivation and source of energy," the actor mentioned some time ago, expressing his positivity and revealing that his main goal in life is to leave a more beautiful world than the one he found. He also has a clear wish on his bucket list: "Put everything aside and settle on a tropical island."

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