Burak Özçivit Moves to a Luxurious Mansion: 900 Square Meters, 4 Floors, 4 Million Euros

Burak Özçivit Moves to a Luxurious Mansion: 900 Square Meters, 4 Floors, 4 Million Euros

Burak Özcivit and Fahriye Evcen are planning to relocate with their family and leave the rented house they have been living in for years. To take this step, the actor and his wife have acquired two mansions in the same neighborhood where they currently reside. It seems that the first house they purchased a few months ago did not meet their expectations, so the family decided to buy another one that suits their needs better.

Burak Özçivit Moves to a Luxurious Mansion: 900 Square Meters, 4 Floors, 4 Million Euros

The couple is determined not to move out of the residential area where they currently live with their two children. Specifically, the actors have been living in the Acarkent complex, located in the Beykoz district, one of the wealthiest areas in Istanbul, for several years. In September 2023, they bought a 500-square-meter villa for 2,200,000 euros.

After the purchase was confirmed, the media began speculating about the imminent move of the couple and their children to this exclusive mansion. However, five months after that purchase, the couple seems to have found another house they prefer and has invested another significant amount of money in it. According to 'Hurriyet', the couple has acquired another mansion spanning 900 square meters spread across 4 floors (one of the largest in the area) for which they will pay 4,200,000 euros. Apparently, the couple, who have already paid half of the total amount as a deposit and have not yet received the title deed, are very excited about the idea of moving there with their two children, Karan who is about to turn five, and Kerem, who just turned one.

Following this second purchase and after the couple, who still live in their rented house, expressed that this is their dream home, it is unknown whether they will choose to sell the first property they acquired to pay for this second one or if they will also keep this property and rent it out.

The actor had already purchased a house in Bodrum

These are not the first properties the couple has acquired in recent years. Two and a half years ago, the actor invested in a summer house in one of the most popular areas in Turkey and gifted his wife a mansion in Bodrum valued at 1.5 million euros after a wave of fires devastated the surroundings of the mansion where the family used to spend their summers. The area was completely devastated, and the actor and his wife then decided to get rid of the property they had there. However, enamored with the area, they barely took a few months to acquire a new home.

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