Can Yaman Faces Media Scrutiny Again – Issues Statement Following Confrontation with Reporters

Can Yaman Faces Media Scrutiny Again – Issues Statement Following Confrontation with Reporters

Can Yaman, currently residing in Italy, recently visited Istanbul with friends. The group was spotted at a venue in Nişantaşı last night. While the renowned actor chose not to respond to questions, his companions attempted to prevent photographers from taking pictures. Yaman later addressed the situation through his social media account.

After gaining fame in Turkey with his roles in various productions, Can Yaman decided to continue his career in Italy. During his time in Sicily, he encountered enthusiastic fans.

Can Yaman Faces Media Scrutiny Again – Issues Statement Following Confrontation with Reporters


In a car, the famous actor took a fan's phone who was recording him and tossed it away. The incident was captured on video by someone else, sparking reactions on social media.


When the footage of Can Yaman became a topic of discussion, he made a statement using strong language: "My relationship with my fans is excellent, so much so that even that bothered you at the time, the problem is with disrespectful harassers who claim to be fans without being one." Yaman shared a video of himself with fans, adding, "I know you love to pass judgment without knowing the full story, eagerly waiting for a scandal. Despite the scandalous appearance, we refrain from saying what comes to our minds; for months, people who have no knowledge of the hundreds of charitable acts and positive things I do are criticizing me. Everyone defended me against those issues, yet here you are, extending your gossip from there to me. Isn't it enough?"


Can Yaman was seen dining at the Cabbar restaurant in Nişantaşı the other night with a group of 15 friends from Italy. The actor spent approximately three hours with his Italian friends at the venue.


Upon leaving the venue, Yaman once again chose not to answer journalists' questions. The actor, who previously faced backlash for throwing a fan's phone in Italy, seemed to not have learned from the incident. His friends tried to block journalists from taking footage of Yaman, leading to questions about his intentions. The actions of Yaman's Italian friends, acting as a shield to prevent any footage, remained unexplained. This led to questions such as "What is Can Yaman trying to do?" and "What are his Italian friends doing?"


Blaming journalists for the situation, Can Yaman made a statement on his social media account:

My bodyguards (!) and I enjoying our peaceful trip in Istanbul. Can Yaman, as you know... Weren't you supposed to stop filming me, lowering the cameras, considering I was Italy's star? Where did you come from again? Oh well, we were enjoying our time, trusting that you wouldn't film us. I'm telling you now, I won't speak about this anymore. I don't have any scandalous nights; the only issue here is you. I'm content and peaceful in my own family environment, getting into my car. You think you're being pushed and rejected because you obstruct people's view with your lights and prevent them from walking, but that's not the case. You're just disrupting the peace. I choose not to speak, and I don't find it necessary. There's no incident or scandal. I'll leave you, have fun in your own circus..

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  1. You tried to trash his reputation and you get upset when he doesn’t want to speak to you especially when he knows what ever he says or does you will twist it.


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