Taner Ölmez Praises Former Partner Hazar Ergüçlü: May She Always Succeed.

Taner Ölmez Praises Former Partner Hazar Ergüçlü: May She Always Succeed.

Taner Ölmez, who recently starred in the film "Hayatla Barış," where he portrayed the talented football player Barış Telli from the Amputee National Team, has opened up about his best on-screen partner.

Since the release of "Hayatla Barış" last Friday, Taner Ölmez's powerful performance has been the talk of the town. The accomplished actor, who brought Barış Telli to life, was a guest on Birsen Altuntaş's YouTube channel. Having played memorable roles in numerous projects, Taner Ölmez revealed that his best on-screen partner is none other than Hazar Ergüçlü.

When asked about his most special partner, Taner Ölmez replied, "I have worked with Hazar Ergüçlü as my partner in two projects. She holds a special place in my heart... In 'Medcezir' both of us were quite young and inexperienced... Later on, we worked together again. We used to live in the same neighborhood and spent a lot of time together... She is someone special to me."

Ölmez also mentioned that he has been following Ergüçlü's new series, "İnci Taneleri," which has received great acclaim for her captivating dance performance. He continued his praise by saying, "I'm watching 'İnci Taneleri'... I find it fantastic... Hazar dances beautifully... She is incredibly talented... May she always succeed, which I believe she will... She possesses such beauty, talent, innocence, and purity... She is a true gem... We share some similarities with our dark-haired charm..."

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