Birce Akalay, Caught on Camera for the First Time with Hakan Kurtaş on a Romantic Stroll

Birce Akalay, Caught on Camera for the First Time with Hakan Kurtaş on a Romantic Stroll

The couple was seen looking very cozy in the Bebek neighborhood. Their representatives confirmed the actors' relationship at the end of February.

A few weeks ago, news broke that Birce Akalay and Hakan Kurtaş had started a romance. The actors, whom viewers remember from their roles in two successful series, 'siyah beyaz aşk' and 'Dolunay', respectively, became the first surprise couple of the year.


Amid constant rumors, their agents were forced to confirm their love story, although they insisted it was still very new. "It's very recent," they commented after being seen holding hands on Valentine's Day. Since then, the press has kept them in their sights in an attempt to capture the first image of them together. And that moment has finally arrived. As several Turkish media outlets have reported, the couple is no longer hiding and have been photographed in Bebek, a picturesque coastal neighborhood in Istanbul.

Very calm but visibly surprised to come face to face with the photographers, the couple enjoyed a romantic day. Dressed casually and wearing sunglasses, the two actors were seen very close and affectionate. In the pictures, we see Hakan Kurtaş with his arm around the actress as they leisurely walk together with Akalay's dog while heading to the beach.

Clues Left by the Couple That Sparked Rumors

An emoji of a flame that Birce Akalay left on the actor's post at the end of last January and his subsequent response set off all the alarms. The couple had started following each other on social media a few weeks before this gesture, which left the first hint of a possible romance between them. Speculations then began both among fans and the media, who scrutinized every move of the couple.

Despite the persistent rumors, the couple preferred to remain silent until they could no longer hide their secret. On February 14, Valentine's Day, the couple was seen together at a cinema in Beyoğlu. There, the couple enjoyed a romantic evening and were seen very close and affectionate throughout the night. The information began to spread like wildfire on social media, and the media echoed this encounter. Everyone took for granted a romance that was confirmed a few weeks later by their representation agency (both share the same one).

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