Can Yaman, A Heartfelt Journey in Porto: No Words Enough...

Can Yaman, A Heartfelt Journey in Porto: No Words Enough...

Can Yaman, the Turkish sensation, took a detour to Porto, Portugal, during International Women's Day. Little did he know, this journey would leave him profoundly moved.

Can Yaman, A Heartfelt Journey in Porto: No Words Enough...

The Turkish heartthrob is savoring a few weeks of freedom before diving into the world of Sandokan. Instead of lounging in well-deserved relaxation during his downtime, Can Yaman is passionately engaged in the "Break the Wall Tour" a charitable initiative organized by his foundation to assist those in need. For International Women's Day, he honored women in the most beautiful way.

Can Yaman's Emotion Overflow: "No Words..."

In recent weeks, Can Yaman spent a weekend in Assisi, Umbria, visiting children at the Serafico Institute with his charitable organization, Can Yaman for Children. The "Break the Wall Tour" stop was highly appreciated by the little guests and their caretakers, acknowledging the actor's commitment to donating three crucial medical devices.

Before stepping into the Sandokan role, Can Yaman utilized his free days for another leg of the "Break the Wall Tour" in Portugal. After exploring Lisbon, he revisited Porto, this time during the International Women's Day celebration. It was to the women that the Turkish heartthrob dedicated a sweet message.

"Marvelous women, mothers, daughters, sisters, companions, and indispensable friends... I would give each of you a flower, as a symbol of the respect and love that every man owes you. Tonight, symbolically, I will do so, by giving it to the women of this beautiful city that is hosting me."

The Turkish divo was a guest at the Hospital São João, where he had the chance to meet incredibly sweet children. Can Yaman revealed that he communicated effortlessly with them. "Little Igor asked me to take off my glasses to look into my soul... Marvelous!" recounted the actor about his day in Porto. To seal the encounter, Yaman left his necklace and glasses for the hospital's children, moved by the joy of seeing them happy with so little. The youngest ones made him feel like one of them, and on March 8th, International Women's Day, the Sandokan protagonist wanted to acknowledge all the strong and emotional women who shared their personal stories with him.

"There are no words sufficient to describe how these encounters enrich me and make me reflect... Thank you all for always welcoming me as one of the family."

Can Yaman celebrated International Women's Day in the city he deemed magical, thanks to its breathtaking river. "An evening marked by an important and exciting event. I never thought that each stop on this tour would enrich and amaze me so much," he confessed on social media. . 

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