Can Yaman, Tourist in Rome: A Normal and Human Day.

Can Yaman, Tourist in Rome: A Normal and Human Day.

Before starting the filming of Sandokan, Can Yaman enjoyed a day as a true tourist in Rome, exploring its iconic places and savoring typical dishes.

Can Yaman, Tourist in Rome: A Normal and Human Day.

The Turkish star, Can Yaman, spent Valentine's Day in Barcelona, Spain, as part of his charity's "Break the Wall Tour." Recently, he returned to Rome, where he lived for three years, and had fun exploring the city's characteristic spots and indulging in local cuisine.

Can Yaman appears to have a few days of freedom before returning to shoot the new television series, Sandokan. A few weeks ago, he showcased a significant physical transformation, losing 10 kilograms in just 30 days to better fit into his role. Despite his notable weight loss, the Turkish star is closely monitored by a team of experts.

Before kicking off the Sandokan filming, Can Yaman visited Barcelona, Spain, with the Can Yaman for Children foundation for the second European stop of the "Break the Wall Tour." During this visit, he toured the "Valle Hebron" university hospital. Whenever he meets his fans, the actor is greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm from his most devoted followers.


After his work-related trip, with a few days still available, Yaman chose to visit Rome. Although he knows the city well, having been his home for over three years, he rarely had the chance to explore it as a regular tourist. Accompanied by friends and agents, he spent a few hours in the capital, enjoying typical food and visiting iconic places like Via del Corso and Piazza di Spagna. He was recognized by some Japanese fans on the street, expressing surprise that his name was known even in Japan.

Today in Rome was a wonderful and sunny Saturday. I've been wanting to have a day as a tourist for a long time. I've been living here for 3 years, but it's not easy to stroll peacefully without disruptions. Today, however, I managed to do it. I indulged in the delights of Roman cuisine that I didn't know existed and did simple yet wonderful things at the same time. I thank my friends and agents who accompanied me on this "normal and human" day that I've missed for a long time and made me truly happy! I feel completely recharged! However, starting tomorrow, I'll be back on a strict diet and will also need to begin studying the script.

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