Kerem Bürsin Defines Himself in His Most Entertaining Interview Yet: A Bit of a Drama Queen, abnormal, and Stubborn.

Kerem Bürsin Defines Himself in His Most Entertaining Interview Yet: A Bit of a Drama Queen, abnormal, and Stubborn.

Kerem Bürsin is one of the hottest Turkish actors, and this week he visited the LBC channel, where he granted an extensive interview in which he opened up like never before and revealed some secrets about his personality that had remained hidden until now.

Very relaxed and smiling, the actor assured that he is in a good place right now and that he is happy, although he believes that humans should change some things for that happiness to be complete. "Overall, I am happy, but we are not doing well as humans. It's like you're happy, but the place where you are isn't doing well. Can you really be happy?" commented the actor, who admitted to feeling a certain helplessness about what is happening. "I think guilt comes from helplessness," said the actor, who believes that there should be better coexistence among all living beings on the planet. "It's sad that we can't get along," said Bürsin, who recalled that to be happy, you have to want to be. "I think it's a choice. I don't think we can't be happy because of something or someone. At this age and at this stage, it's a choice, and you have to work to be happy," commented the actor.

A Bit of a Drama Queen, abnormal, and Stubborn

Determined to let his fans get to know him a little more and discover his more intimate side, Kerem Bürsin didn't hesitate to participate in a fun game where he had to confess the labels he identified with the most. And he didn't disappoint! Right with the first one, he showed the kind of man he is. Always on the side of feminism, he admitted to not feeling like a gentleman. "I feel that a gentleman or a lady is a very patriarchal concept, that's why I'm going to say I don't agree. For that reason," he told the journalist.

But the game had only just begun, and after this first label, the juiciest and most crazy part began. Is Kerem Bürsin a drama queen? Unable to contain his laughter, the actor admitted that he is a bit. "I think sometimes we're all a bit," he confessed, laughing out loud while also admitting that he's clearly abnormal. "I don't think I'm very normal, I don't know. I think many things we consider normal are very weird to me," he commented, denying being a robot and very romantic.

And how does Kerem Bürsin kiss? The program wanted to know if the actor considers himself a good kisser, and that provoked a big laugh from the whole team. The question brought out the actor's shy side, who dodged the question as best he could. "since I've never kissed myself I don't know how I kiss but I'm sure there are some people we can ask. I have no idea what they would say," he said with a laugh as they moved on to the next question.

And so, question by question, we discovered that he is stubborn but not stubborn (a little bit), quite flirtatious, tries not to be selfish, has probably broken someone's heart (although he doesn't know how many people), is not a cheater, has had a toxic relationship ("Who hasn't?") and is indeed very passionate. "Passion is a very important ingredient," he said before ending with a hilarious conclusion from the game. "I'm abnormal passionate possibly good kisser ..." he said with a laugh before finishing by saying that what really matters to him is doing his best for this world

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