Can Yaman, Sandokan finds his Pearl : here's who will play Lady Marianna

Can Yaman, Sandokan finds his Pearl : here's who will play Lady Marianna

Can Yaman, Sandokan finds his Pearl : here's who will play Lady Marianna

As the first clapboard of Sandokan draws nearer, Can Yaman is brimming with excitement. Joining the cast is Lady Marianna, the stunning Pearl of Labuan.

With the first clapboard of Sandokan approaching, Can Yaman is training day and night to fully immerse himself in the role of the Tiger of Malaysia in the remake of the successful series. Recently, Luca Argentero was replaced by Alessandro Preziosi in the role of Yanez, and now Lady Marianna, the beautiful Pearl of Labuan, has been found.

Filming for Sandokan will begin in just a few days. The new project by Lux Vide is finally about to come to fruition. The announcement was made a few years ago, and finally, it will see the light in a few months. The first clapboard is getting closer, and gradually, all roles in the cast are being defined. Turkish heartthrob Can Yaman couldn't be more thrilled and continues to train rigorously to deliver the best performances possible.

Lady Marianna: here's who will play the Pearl of Labuan in Sandokan

Filming will start at the end of April in some sensational locations in Calabria. The Turkish heartthrob will portray the Tiger of Malaysia, the legendary character created by Emilio Salgari's pen, which gained success thanks to the talent of Kabir Bedi. Alongside him in the role of his faithful friend Yanez will not be Luca Argentero, as initially announced, but Alessandro Preziosi. Many are still wondering about the identity of the actress who will play Lady Marianna. Initially, it was thought that the role would be filled by Alessandra Mastronardi.

However, the speculation was just a rumor, and a few hours ago, the identity of the actress who will play the role of the Pearl of Labuan was revealed. According to the social media page Cinemotore, it is actress Alanah Bloor, whom Can himself started following on social media a few days ago. The performer is known for her roles in Izzy Wilkinson's film "Histeric" and Margarita Milne's short film "Waves." The English artist seems to be perfect for the role of Lady Marianna in the Sandokan series remake.

Her delicate and elegant beauty is the perfect choice for the role of Lady Marianna, a character who will capture the heart of the Tiger of Malaysia. Bloor will act alongside the attractive Turkish heartthrob, and fans can't wait to see the chemistry of the pair on screen. Filming will begin in the coming weeks in Calabria. In the meantime, the actor is dedicating his free time to the European stops of the "Break the Wall Tour."

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