Can Yaman, Sandokan's shooting takes him to Albano: here's when the set will be set up!

Can Yaman, Sandokan's shooting takes him to Albano: here's when the set will be set up!

Can Yaman, Sandokan's shooting takes him to Albano: here's when the set will be set up!

Can Yaman, the protagonist of the new TV series Sandokan, will return near Rome in May. Here's when he'll be in Albano.

The set of Sandokan will be set up in Calabria, and Can Yaman is ready to spend the next few months here, immersed in the role of the legendary Tiger of Malaysia in the remake of the famous TV series from the seventies, produced by Lux Vide. However, the Turkish actor will return near Rome in May to shoot some scenes in Albano, at the suggestive Cisternoni. Here are all the details.

Can Yaman in Albano, here's when

In a few days, the shooting of Sandokan, a new Lux Vide production, a remake of the eponymous television series that exploded the popularity of the Indian actor Kabi Bedi in the seventies, based on the narrative cycle created by the genius pen of Emilio Salgari, will officially begin. The protagonist of the television project is Can Yaman, the sensual Turkish actor who has conquered Italy and Europe with his talent and undeniable beauty. In recent months, Can has trained hard to get the right physique to play Sandokan, he has taken dance and combat lessons, but also horse riding lessons as he revealed in the latest update posted on Instagram.

The first script reading allowed the actor to meet the cast, and it seems that Yaman has particularly hit it off with Alessandro Preziosi, who lends his face to Yanez, replacing Luca Argentero who was initially supposed to play the faithful friend of the Tiger of Malaysia. As anticipated, the Sandokan set will be set up in Calabria, where the actors will spend long months producing the TV series, but it seems that there will also be a stop in Albano, taking advantage of the suggestive Cisternoni, a well-known architectural work dating back to Roman times, more precisely to the 2nd-3rd century AD and which were built by order of the Emperor Septimius Severus.

Good news for Can's fans, who can't wait to position themselves just outside the set - rumored to be heavily guarded - to even hope to get a hug from the most beloved Turkish actor of all time. The shooting of Sandokan in Albano is scheduled for May 14th, a date to mark for those who intend to try to intercept Yaman and the cast of the TV series. In the meantime, Can doesn't stop for a moment and continues his intermittent fasting diet, training as much as possible in the gym with his coach, and going over the script, aware that this will be an important test for his career since many are extremely attached to Kabir Bedi's performance, and they will inevitably compare them.

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