Can Yaman tells it for the first time on social media:Four months of torture

Can Yaman tells it for the first time on social media:Four months of torture

Can Yaman tells it for the first time on social media:Four months of torture

Can Yaman tells on Instagram about the difficulty of training on an empty stomach, respecting the new dietary and sports regimen for Sandokan, through some videos and a vent on Instagram.

Can Yaman has undergone a great physical transformation for Sandokan, the remake of the eponymous television series with Kabir Bedi, of which the first shoot is expected at the end of April in Calabria. The Turkish actor does not joke when it comes to committing himself and shows part of his training on Instagram, explaining what it means to show up at the gym in the morning with an empty stomach but with a great desire to be able to give his best.

Can Yaman speaks again about his physical changes for Sandokan

There is great anticipation for the first take of Sandokan, the television series produced by Lux Vide which sees Can Yaman as the protagonist in the role of the legendary Tiger of Malaysia, a character created by Emilio Salgari and made famous on the small screen by Kabir Bedi in the seventies. The first spoilers on the cast have been confirmed and there is a very important novelty concerning the role of Yanez, initially assigned to Luca Argentero at the beginning of the TV project, then officially passed into the hands of Alessandro Preziosi with whom Yaman seems to get along very well.

In recent months, in anticipation of the commitment on the set of Sandokan, which will take him to Calabria for several months, with a scene also to be filmed near Rome, Can had to lose a lot of weight, reshape his body, drastically change his eating habits, strive to try his hand at physical exercises far from those he usually loves to do in the gym. Thus, Yaman has lost over ten kilograms and perfectly remodeled his body, as shown with the abs in view in the Dolce & Gabbana spot, entrusting himself to a coach and personal trainer who managed to spur him on and inject enthusiasm even for such a tiring goal. Precisely to him, the Turkish actor wanted to dedicate a long thought on social media, publishing on Instagram some short videos of his workouts and thanking the person who made everything a little less difficult.

"Thanks legendary Ennio for injecting the importance of certain concepts that helped me revolutionize myself physically and above all mentally to be a hundred percent ready for my Sandokan character Four months of 'torture' and I feel lighter, more agile, and athletic; I have the right weight and especially stronger legs".

Can thanked wholeheartedly, joking about the effort but also making it clear what it means to get up early, train on an empty stomach due to the diet that involves intermittent fasting, always trying to give his best to be in perfect shape. Yaman can now face the role of Sandokan with renewed spirit and body, and he has already anticipated on social media that for this new challenge he also had to take dance and combat lessons, which we can't wait to see realized on screen.

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