Can Yaman's First Script Reading for Sandokan: Sparks Romantic Speculation

Can Yaman's First Script Reading for Sandokan: Sparks Romantic Speculation

Can Yaman's First Script Reading for Sandokan: Sparks Romantic Speculation

Can Yaman meets the cast of Sandokan for the first script reading and posts a mysterious romantic dedication, what's going on?

We are less and less away from the first take of Sandokan, the remake of the TV series of the same name based on Emilio Salgari's fictional cycle, starring Can Yaman. The actor announced on Instagram that he took part in the first script reading of the TV series, meeting the full cast and finding a mysterious romantic dedication on his post.

The first script reading

After years of stand-by due to the cast's personal commitments and general organization, the Sandokan project is about to see the light of day and Can Yaman is thrilled to say the least. The Turkish actor has shown preparations for the TV series, which will be a remake of the one that in the 1970s made Kabir Bedi firmly established in the Olympus of sex symbols and brought to prominence the wonderful story cycle created from the pen of Emilio Salgari with the legendary Tiger of Malaya as its protagonist.

Yaman's fans are very happy at the idea of Can's new endeavor, who has put a lot of effort into transforming his body for script requirements, losing several pounds in a short time and engaging in a new kind of workout quite different from what he is used to in order to build his mighty musculature. Some have expressed concern upon learning that Yaman lost a whopping 10 kilograms in just 30 days, but then again, Hollywood teaches us that actors and actresses have always undergone significant aesthetic changes for new roles.

Can Yaman find a mysterious dedication!

Amid dance lessons and self-defense classes, Can revealed that he participated in the script's first reading and met his colleagues on this adventure. Yaman posted on Instagram a photo of his workstation during the Sandokan script reading, admitting to being very happy with the cast he'll be working with because he's already found good chemistry.

"The mysterious heart drawn on my workstation, perhaps it's because we're starting with love. It was a pleasure to meet a group of very humble and friendly actors during the script reading, as well as very talented. As our director says: 'We only win if we have fun.' And it's true, many forget about that."

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