P. Diddy: is his ex Cassie cooperating with the FBI?

P. Diddy: is his ex Cassie cooperating with the FBI?

P. Diddy: is his ex Cassie cooperating with the FBI?

  • P.Diddy's ex Cassie is reportedly cooperating with federal investigators on allegations of human trafficking against the rapper.
  • Searches were conducted at P.Diddy's residences on March 25, following accusations of rape, assault and sex trafficking.
  • Cassie filed a complaint against P.Diddy, accusing him of drugging, beating and forcing her into sexual acts, revealing excessive control over her life.

The noose is tightening on P.Diddy! Cassie, the rapper's ex-girlfriend, is reportedly in talks with the federal authorities. The aim? To help with the case against the rapper. Sources tell TMZ that Cassie is cooperating with federal investigators to verify allegations of human trafficking against P.Diddy. The 37-year-old "Me & U" singer reportedly began collaborating with law enforcement several weeks before the raids on the star's homes. The singer's close entourage has yet to officially confirm TMZ's indiscretions.

For several months now, P. Diddy has been at the heart of a legal turmoil. Complaints have been lodged against him for rape, assault and sex trafficking. He is described as a violent predator, capable of drugging his victims.

Searches carried out at P.Diddy's properties

Following other damning testimonies, P.Diddy's residences were searched. This took place on March 25. Federal agents carried out the operation. A source close to the case confirmed this to the American media. Armed police officers raided Diddy's luxury properties on the West and East coasts of the United States.

Cassie, the first to file a complaint

Cassie, whose real name is Casandra Ventura, filed a complaint in November 2023. She claims to have met P.Diddy in 2005. At the time, she was 19 and he 36. The rapper allegedly began abusing her shortly after their meeting. He drugged her, beat her and forced her to have sex with male prostitutes. During those encounters, he allegedly filmed. In 2018, when their relationship came to an end, P.Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs, allegedly forced his way into her home. She also accused him of rape.

Cassie claims in her complaint that she was drawn into P.Diddy's luxurious lifestyle shortly after signing to Bad Boy Records, the rapper's label. Her debut album was released in 2006. According to the plaintiff, Puff Daddy quickly took excessive control over her life and career. He paid all her expenses, including her cars, apartments and clothes, and had access to her medical records. According to the complaint, she suffered memory loss, possibly due to drug use or beatings inflicted by the rapper. However, two days after the complaint was filed, Cassie and P.Diddy announced that they had reached an "amicable" settlement, the details of which were not disclosed.

P.Diddy openly criticized by 50 Cent

P.Diddy isn't getting much support from his fellow hip-hop stars, to say the least! Some, like 50 Cent, have no qualms about openly criticizing him on social networks. In fact, 50 Cent recently shared a montage in which the faces of Diddy and criminal Jeffrey Epstein are fused together. Epstein was involved in an elite underage prostitution ring. The montage suggests that Diddy's entourage remained silent because they were unaware of his activities. 50 Cent also shared a clip of a comedian mocking Diddy. He links it to Los Angeles' sultry reputation, saying it's all about "P.Diddy's house."

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