Did Hande Erçel Break Up with Hakan Sabancı? Here's Her Statement

Did Hande Erçel Break Up with Hakan Sabancı? Here's Her Statement

Hande Erçel, who recently shared pictures from her vacation in Lisbon with her prospective sister-in-law, Nazlı Sabancı, responded to questions about her relationship. The beautiful actress, often in the spotlight for her personal life, also addressed the rumors about her and Hakan Sabancı breaking up, despite talks of them getting married.

Hande Erçel (30) and businessman Hakan Sabancı (33) have been dating for about two years, with many expecting them to tie the knot soon. Erçel recently traveled to Lisbon, Portugal's capital, with a group of girlfriends, including Nazlı Sabancı, the wife of Hakan's brother, Hacı Sabancı.


Hande Erçel was seen entering a production company in Levent a few days ago. When reporters asked her, "You went on vacation with your prospective sister-in-law, how was it?" Erçel replied, "Let's not say sister-in-law. It was a nice vacation with my friends, we had a great time, just the girls."


When reminded of the breakup rumors with Hakan Sabancı, Erçel responded, "I have no idea where these rumors are coming from. There's no such thing; everything is going well and beautifully. I'm in a very happy relationship," thus firmly denying the breakup claims.


Erçel, who came to the production company for a meeting, was also asked about the rumors of her partnering with Barış Arduç. She said, "I can't say anything definite right now; we'll talk about it more clearly once it's confirmed. I will be on screen with a project that I feel good about and am happy with. It's not the right time to give details about my character, partner, or the story."

Source: Milliyet

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