Shocking Transfer of Carlos Sainz to Alpine F1: Famin's Masterstroke?

Shocking Transfer of Carlos Sainz to Alpine F1: Famin's Masterstroke?

Shocking Transfer of Carlos Sainz to Alpine F1: Famin's Masterstroke?

Yes, it would be a masterstroke... But can we really believe it, or rather, dream of it? Apparently, there are discussions between the Sainz family and Bruno Famin, head of Alpine F1. The reason is, that Carlos Sainz's father knows Famin well, having worked with him on the Dakar Rally during Peugeot's adventure.

Is Alpine F1 on the Verge of a Major Coup?

Moreover, it is rumored that the former rally driver holds the Frenchman in very high esteem and believes in his project, despite the dire situation currently faced by the French manufacturer in the premier category. Of course, all the teams with one or two open spots have probably approached Carlos Sainz. But Alpine has an advantage over Mercedes or Red Bull: it is reportedly willing to offer the Spanish driver a multi-year contract. Potentially, with an exit clause in case the project doesn't go as planned, particularly from 2026. This also considers taking advantage of a possible opportunity at the end of 2025, since there might be changes at Red Bull Racing by then.

Certainly, Audi would also offer a long-term contract to the Ferrari driver, but apparently, the Spaniard isn't too excited about that prospect. Moreover, it would force him to spend a year with Sauber next year, thus returning to the midfield or even worse. Meanwhile, Alpine is making gradual progress, having almost started from scratch. This means the Enstone-based team could be in a much better position than Sauber on the grid in 2025.

A Strategic Move for Renault Group

For the Renault group, recruiting an Iberian driver would also be a good deal, as the brand has historically targeted this market. Commercially, it makes sense. Furthermore, his experience with Ferrari and his status as a multiple Grand Prix winner would make him a true reference, someone the team could follow blindly. Currently, the team lacks a real leader, as Ocon and Gasly have strictly the same status.

So, by pairing Carlos Sainz with a potentially less powerful driver, like Mick Schumacher (also mentioned by Bruno Famin), the French team could perhaps achieve the balance it desperately needs in F1. All while saving on the salary of the second driver to potentially offer the Spaniard a more comfortable income. To be continued...

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