The relationship between Kerem Bursin and Stephanie Cayo that everyone is talking about (except Maxi Iglesias).

The relationship between Kerem Bursin and Stephanie Cayo that everyone is talking about (except Maxi Iglesias).

It was a topic that we had settled in our heads, but the possible relationship between Kerem Bursin and Stephanie Cayo, the ex-girlfriend of Maxi Iglesias, could be a reality judging by the answers of the Turkish actor. We tell you all about it.

You already know that the Peruvian model and actress Stephanie Cayo had a romantic relationship with the Spanish actor Maxi Iglesias that started during the filming of the movie 'Hasta que nos volvamos a ver' in which both were protagonists. Although the love story did not last long, Stephanie has stated that Maxi and her are now very good friends and that the relationship continues but not sentimental level.   

Stephanie Cayo and Kerem Bursin met in Spain

The Peruvian TV show 'Amor y fuego', before the headlines of the Italian press linking Stephanie Cayo and Kerem Bursin, began to speculate on the possibility that the two actors were together and even Stephanie herself in an interview in Spain during the presentation of the firm Rosa Clara said: "It is a very personal issue. I prefer not to say anything about it. I did meet him during my trip to Spain (Kerem Bursin) and he's a great guy, although I haven't gotten to know him very well yet".

All this was during Kerem's trip to meet Antonio Banderas during the Malaga film festival, the moment when the two are supposed to have met judging by the black and white snapshot they uploaded to their networks.

But what does Kerem Bursin think about his relationship with Stephanie Cayo?

Kerem Bursin avoids talking about this topic although it is a recurring question whenever he meets the press.

According to an interview spread on social networks, Kerem Bursin clarified the following about his relationship with Stephanie Cayo: "The term 'girlfriend' is not very nice. I don't like to talk about it here," but this explanation didn't seem enough for the journalists who insisted again about the rumors linking them to which Bursin replied, "No, there isn't and I don't want to talk about it. I am related to her but it is wrong," he replied.

Moreover, visibly upset, Kerem wanted to clarify: "It bothers me that people talk about my private life because there are much more important things to talk about now. There are serious problems that are happening in my country and in the rest of the planet. My private life is not important compared to the rest of the problems," he said.

Mystery solved at least for the moment because we are faithful defenders of the saying "when the river sounds, water carries", so the relationship between Kerem Bursin and Stephanie Cayo, we will leave it on standby to continue reporting as soon as we learn something new.

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