Hande Erçel could not remain indifferent to little Mavi!

Hande Erçel could not remain indifferent to little Mavi!

It was learned that actress Hande Erçel's niece Aylin Mavi, who looks like her, started to receive cancer treatment last September.

Hande Erçel, known for her fondness for Mavi, who is currently undergoing treatment and is in good health, could not remain indifferent to the earthquake victim Mavi. 

Haluk Levent, the founder, and president of AHBAP, which helps earthquake victims in the earthquake zone, named a 10-day-old baby rescued from the rubble.

Levent shared a photo of the baby: "10-day-old baby. They were pulled out of the rubble. They are staying with us in Ahbap Tent City. They said, 'Abi, we haven't named her yet, you name her'.

I named her 'Mavi'," he wrote. Hande Erçel added "May you have a long, healthy, and joyful life, Mavi!" to Levent's post.

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