Unveiling the Highlights and Controversies of the Hanteo Music Awards

Unveiling the Highlights and Controversies of the Hanteo Music Awards

The Hanteo Music Awards, a prestigious ceremony celebrating the best of K-pop, took place in Seoul on February 17th and 18th. While the event showcased remarkable achievements, it also faced criticism and unexpected incidents that grabbed international attention. Let's delve into the exciting winners, as well as the challenges encountered during the ceremony.

Celebrating Musical Excellence at the Hanteo Music Awards

Highlighting the achievements of outstanding artists during the year 2023, the Hanteo Music Awards recognized exceptional talent. Notable winners included the group IVE, who secured the coveted Best Song award for their captivating track "I AM." SEVENTEEN also claimed the prestigious Best Album award for their highly acclaimed release FML. Other esteemed recipients included Stray Kids, ATEEZ, and Jimin from BTS, who were celebrated for their exceptional contributions to the K-pop industry.

Unforeseen Challenges and Chaotic Organization

Although the Hanteo Music Awards aimed to be a seamless and memorable event, it faced organizational challenges that drew attention worldwide.K-pop fans, particularly active on X/Twitter and TikTok, expressed dissatisfaction with the chaotic management and shared their disappointment. Reports of overcrowding and overwhelmed security personnel emerged, prompting idols to personally intervene and call for additional security measures.

The Infamous "Poop Incident" and Its Impact

Regrettably, one incident overshadowed the accomplishments of the Hanteo Music Awards. A video circulating on social media captured an individual defecating in the pit area, causing widespread shock and disgust. While this incident gained significant attention, it is vital to focus on the positive aspects of the event and the talented artists who deserved recognition.

Security Measures and Apologies

Security personnel were alerted to the incident and promptly investigated, albeit unable to clean the area during the ongoing ceremony. Subsequently, the individual responsible came forward on X/Twitter, expressing remorse and issuing apologies to those affected by the incident. It is essential to acknowledge the swift response of the organizers and the individual's accountability in addressing the situation.

"Hello, I am the person who pooped in my pants at the Hanteo Music Awards ceremony. After looking at the messages on Twitter, I realized how many people had unpleasant experiences because of me. I apologize to those who were affected. I will reflect on this. Once again, I am sorry for having spoiled that day."


Despite the unexpected challenges faced during the Hanteo Music Awards, the event successfully honored the remarkable achievements of K-pop artists. While the "poop incident" gained widespread attention, it should not overshadow the talent and dedication showcased by the award recipients. Let us appreciate the incredible musical contributions and look forward to future celebrations of K-pop excellence.

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