Can Yaman, Disney+ drops El Turco: What's the future of the series?

Can Yaman, Disney+ drops El Turco: What's the future of the series?

Can Yaman, Disney+ drops El Turco: What's the future of the series?

Can Yaman had teased the release of "El Turco," but now everything might fall through. The project slated to debut on Disney+ has been abandoned by the platform.

Turkish heartthrob Can Yaman is all set to film his new series "Sandokan," where he'll portray the role of the Tiger of Malaysia. Many will recall his involvement in the filming of "El Turco," a project originally intended for Disney+. However, it seems the platform has decided to walk away from it.

When is "El Turco" coming out? Disney+ drops the project!

Filming for the "Sandokan" remake will begin in just a few days, and Can Yaman couldn't be more excited. He's been preparing for months to embody the character of the Tiger of Malaysia, undergoing intense physical training and sticking to a strict diet regimen. Yaman is putting in his all, as he does with every project he undertakes. The same dedication was poured into "El Turco," which he filmed last year.

For the Turkish star, despite the project being a significant professional milestone, it was also incredibly demanding. The shoot in Hungary lasted over six months and posed considerable stress for Yaman, who had to be away from his family in Turkey. Many will remember how "El Turco" where Yaman stars alongside Italian actress Greta Ferro, was supposed to be distributed by the Disney+ streaming platform.

However, unexpectedly, Disney has decided not to include the Turkish star's new series in its catalog. The streaming platform has completely backed out, and the rights have been reacquired by Turkish producer Ay Yapim. Last year, Disney+ removed almost 80% of Turkish productions from its platform in Turkey as part of a new strategy to focus on more profitable markets and reduce costs. However, the previous year, Turkey was one of the key markets, constituting 15% of the platform's international commissions.

Can Yaman, Disney+ drops El Turco: What's the future of the series?

"El Turco" was shot entirely in English and tells the story of Ottoman Empire commander Balaban Agha, who, after being wounded in the second siege of Vienna in 1683, is nursed back to health by the villagers of Moena, in northern Italy. Alongside the Turkish star, who will soon portray Sandokan, the cast includes Italian actress Greta Ferro, Jay Simon, Will Kemp, David Nykl, and Madalena Aragao. The main settings of the series were Hungary and Italy, indicating potential interest for the Italian market.

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